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Weiblicher Akt 7: Mevrouw Macbeth

Weiblicher Akt 7: Mevrouw Macbeth
Weiblicher Akt 7: Mevrouw Macbeth

18.10 – 19.10.2016

Powerful women

Last season, Maatschappij Discordia appeared at the Kaaistudios for the first time with their focus series Weiblicher Akt. Six times now, they have created a performance from a female perspective. The seventh part, which they will now be performing, is about women and power. Discordia adapts the plot of Shakespeare’s famous Macbeth to create a story from the woman’s point of view. It becomes Mevrouw (Lady) Macbeth.

A number of different voices are depicted: Queen Elizabeth I, Simone de Beauvoir, Angela Merkel and a multitude of nameless, ambitious women. What is it that drives them? How do they approach things? With the Weiblicher Akt series, Discordia takes a look at the ways in which we have told stories through the ages. We often seem to be locked into positions that have simply been handed down to us. And it is today – in a world in which the balance of power is beginning to shift – that we must dare to break through this discursive straitjacket!

Van, met en door Annette Kouwehoven, Miranda Prein, Maureen Teeuwen, Jan Joris Lamers

Programmaboekje - Programme de salle - Evening programme