Eleanor Bauer & Daniel Linehan [US]

walk+talk 19 & 20

walk+talk 19 & 20
walk+talk 19 & 20


How do dancers and choreographers talk about their work?

In 2008 Philipp Gehmacher invited ten choreographers to talk about their language of movement on a large empty stage in a Viennese theatre. The result was a surprising multiplicity of voices and stories: every solo testified to a unique view of the body, movement and the confrontation with space. Gehmacher has compiled yet another new series for Kaaitheater, comprising existing solos and newly commissioned work. Each evening there are two dancers or choreographers on the programme.

15/3: Pieter Ampe & Martin Nachbar
16/3: Philipp Gehmacher & Anne Juren
17/3: Rémy Héritier & Meg Stuart
18/3: Mette Ingvartsen & Chrysa Parkinson
19/3: Eleanor Bauer & Daniel Linehan

In 2004, while still a student at PARTS, Eleanor Bauer created the hilarious solo ELEANOR! This was followed by Dig my aura (2007) and At Large (2008). This season, we presented her exuberant solo (BIG GIRLS DO BIG THINGS) for the second time. In February at Kaaitheater she premiered a new sextet entitled A Dance for the Newest Age (the triangle piece). Aside from her own work, she currently performs with Rosas in The Song, Xavier Le Roy in floor pieces, and in Boris Charmatz's two most recent creations.

Daniel Linehan worked in New York as a dancer and choreographer before moving to Brussels in 2008 to study at P.A.R.T.S. His work is intent on softly obscuring the line that separates dance from everything else. In the past this has led to such fascinating pieces as Montage for Three and Not About Everything. His new creation, Zombie Aporia, will premiere at the Vooruit just before walk+talk.

Linehan: ‘In my walk+talk, I expose the thought process that is occurring while I am overwhelmed by my multi-layered performance tasks. I dance in one rhythm, while I speak in another rhythm, while I am busy listening to a third rhythm that will give me my next cue. As the choreography takes over my thoughts, I tell you what those thoughts are.’

walk+talk text collection on www.sarma.be
On the occasion of walk+talk, Sarma (laboratory for criticism, dramaturgy, research and creation) has compiled a selection of essays as well as writings by the invited artists.

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