Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor/Ruud Gielens/Frederic Rzewski [BE]

WaanVlucht! / FuirLaFolie !

WaanVlucht! / FuirLaFolie !
WaanVlucht! / FuirLaFolie !

20.09 – 21.09.2014

Salute the deserter

The opening performance of FleeTheFrenzy! (WaanVlucht! / FuirLaFolie !) will take place on the weekend of the International Day of Peace – 21 September. In the context of WWI memorials, the Brussels Brecht-Eisler Chorus has invited six other Belgian choruses and director Ruud Gielens to work together on a major project on peace.

FleeTheFrenzy! is the first part in a two-year story of those victims who even in current wars are often left out of the picture: deserters and conscientious objectors. This musical theatre project is a call to salute the deserter as someone who actually dares to question the meaning of war.

The performance is staged in the streets near the Kaaitheater, whose names all refer to WWI: IJzerplein, Ieperlaan, Diksmuidelaan, Negende Linielaan, Pantsertroepenplein and so on. It ends at the Kaaitheater with the performance of Ode aan de deserteur [Ode to the Deserter] by the Brussels-American composer Frederic Rzewski. The performance will also consist of songs and poems (Joyce, Tucholsky, Van Ostaijen etc.) on desertion and accounts by runaway conscientious objectors.

regie Ruud Gielens & Marijs Boulogne | muziek Frederic Rzewski e.a. | muzikale leiding Lieve Franssen, Francis Danloy, Tom Deneckere, Luk Cluysen, Mouchette Liebman, Peter Spaepen en Lucy Grauman | koren Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor, Novecanto, C’est des Canailles, Omroerkoor Hasselt, Chorale Rue de la Victoire, Stemmer, Ik seg adieu | acteurs Georges Ocloo, Karim Kalonji, Pitcho Womba Konga e.a. | solisten Kobe Baeyens, Noémie Schellens, Lucy Grauman  | muzikale ondersteuning Björn Denys (Triatu) slagwerk, Chantal Levie piano | tekst & dramaturgie Marijs Boulogne | affiche Ruth Flikschuh | video Jspr | productie Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor | coproductie Kaaitheater | i.s.m. vrede vzw | met steun van de Vlaamse minister voor Brussel, De Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, de Vlaamse Overheid, VISITBRUSSELS en van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest | met dank aan Argos, het Leger des Heils / l'Armée du Salut