David Weber-Krebs [BE]

Tonight, Lights Out!

Tonight, Lights Out!
Tonight, Lights Out!


Together in the dark

For ten years now, we have all been turning out the lights together during the annual Earth Hour. In Tonight, Lights Out!, David Weber-Krebs does the same thing: not on a worldwide scale but with a group of sixty people in a theatre space. Hanging on the ceiling are the same number of light bulbs as there are spectators. Everyone is given one light switch that is linked to a lamp. Together you are part of an installation, which you control individually and collectively. A master of ceremonies leads you towards the moment where together you put out the lights.

Tonight, Lights Out! Focuses on the creation of belief. The belief that by jointly carrying out a simple task you can truly change something. What will happen, together in the dark? This theatrical experiment investigates our capacity for democracy and presents a metaphor for ecological urgency.

• The Belgian-German artist David Weber-Krebs was previously seen at the Kaaitheater with Balthazar (2013) and Into The Big World (2015).

concept, text, hosting David Weber-Krebs | research & assistance Marie Urban 
| management & production Infinite Endings | sound Coordt Linke | conception installation Hans Westendorp | technique Martin Kaffarnik | thanks to Maarten Westra Hoekzema, Mathias Domahidy | production stichting INFINITE ENDINGS | co-prodution STUK, Zeitraumexit, Theater Zeebelt | thanks to Frascati | made possible with the support of NFPK, AFK

programmaboekje - programme de salle - evening programme