IN/FINITY presented by Topaz

Through Art We Care

Through Art We Care
Through Art We Care

16.03 – 17.03.2019

What are the thematic lines between art and care? The exhibition Through Art We Care presents the trajectories of ten IN/FINITY artists who spent three years working in residence at the palliative and supportive outpatients’ clinic TOPAZ. There is also space for the connection between art and humanity from the perspective of the artist. What are the possibilities that art can create with the care sector? On 16 and 17 March the artists activate the exhibition with ongoing performances, workshops and artist talks.

See works by

  • Christian Bakalov
  • Jorge León
  • Naomi Kerkhove
  • Emi Kodama
  • Rudi Meulemans
  • ORACLE (Michel Yang, Justine Maxelon, Caroline Daish)
  • Michael Schmid
  • Vera Tussing

Christian Bakalov's PURE is a 1-on-1 performance.
To guarantuee a slot, please make a reservation via
12:00 > 18:00 | ca. 25 min.



There's more

Emi Kodama

presented by Kaaitheater & TOPAZ

one-on-one performance

Beyond the buildings, the clouds are a mountain range
Beyond the buildings, the clouds are a mountain range
Thu 14.03.19

Emi Kodama invites you to listen to a story from the comfort of a hammock. Suspended in the air, the day left at the door, you will travel to different destinations in your imagination.

Vera Tussing

Vera Tussing
Vera Tussing


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2017-2021