Sara Manente & Marcos Simoes

This Place

This Place
This Place


This place starts from the idea of displacement as motor, vector, generator of physical movement, sense and values. In their new project Sara Manente and Marcos Simoes want to apply this notion to the proximity between things and things in a relational process. For example all the elements of an artistic creation: being objects, performers, words and audience. 

The project wants to shape a performative situation on each location and show it not as a work in progress but as a temporary object. Marcos Simoes and Sara Manente invite an “artistic couple”. In the frame of the residency at workspacebrussels, Lilia Mestre and Davis Freeman are the guests. 

concept/creation Sara Manente & Marcos Simoes 
performance/creation for the previous and coming performances:

  • Marc Vives & Aimar Pérez Gali (26.07.2013)
  • Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor (16.11.2013)
  • Lilia Mestre & Davis Freeman (12.12.2013)
  • Jaime & Norberto Llopis, Marcos Navarro (18.01.2014)
  • Mette Edvardsen, Philippe Beloul & Heiko Gölzer (1.03.2014)
  • Edurne & Clara Rubio (20.03.2014)

research period Kyung Ae Ro & Jeong Eon-ji | production CABRA vzw | executive producer Mokum vzw | supported by l’Estruch (Sabadell), la Poderosa (Barcelona), workspacebrussels, Wp Zimmer (Antwerp), Zsenne Artlab (Brussels), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk) | research supported in part by Asian Arts Theatre's 2012 Project Development Initiative, funded by Office for Hub City of Asian Culture in Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism | support the Flemish Community | thanks to Bains Connective Brussels