a series of evenings with Ahilan Ratnamohan & Sulaiman Addonia

The Wounds of Multilingualism #1: losing and learning languages

The Wounds of Multilingualism #1: losing and learning languages
The Wounds of Multilingualism #1: losing and learning languages


Multilingualism in Brussels seems self-evident: the languages spoken in this city are more and more diverse. This multilingualism is a gateway to a social network, employment and inclusiveness. A targeted policy supports numerous opportunities to learn and develop languages.

With The Wounds of Multilingualism – a phrase coined by author Sulaiman Addonia – Kaaitheater and Passa Porta are launching a series that sheds light on the human, cultural and political complexities surrounding multilingualism. A series that immerses you, as it were, deep into the bath of multilingualism. Sulaiman Addonia and Ahilan Ratnamohan have a conversation around this. They bring with them exceptional stories about the impact of migration, learning new languages, a lost mother tongue, the privilege of language control...

In this first edition, they will talk to each other moderated by performer, dancer and actor Rabina Miya. The language of the conversation is English. Here, you should read this as more than simply a neutral communication: for Ahilan and Sulaiman, it is the trigger for their stories.

• Author Sulaiman Addonia coined the term 'The Wounds of Multilingualism' to highlight his struggles with losing and acquiring languages. His first novel, The Consequences of Love (2008), was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Ahilan Ratnamohan is a performance maker working with unconventional performers and forms to create interdisciplinary pieces. He draws inspiration from sports, film and language acquisition processes. He is currently conducting a research project at the Antwerp Conservatorium: The Performativity of Language Learning and Language Learning as Performance.

a presentation by Kaaitheater & Passa Porta

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The Wonders of Multilingualism


The Wonders of Multilingualism
The Wonders of Multilingualism
Tue 08.02.22

Last year Passa Porta and Kaaitheater organised an evening of discussions on 'multilingualism' with writer Sulaiman Addonia and theatre maker Ahilan Ratnamohan. For the remainder of this series, we will let the audience set the agenda. The initial question reads: What are the hot topics and opportunities around multilingualism that we should pay attention to right now? The evening will be moderated by an experienced facilitator of the Open Space conversation format, a proven method of giving all attendees the right to speak.