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The Un-Economic Summit

The Un-Economic Summit
The Un-Economic Summit

21.01 – 22.01.2011

Economists, philosophers and artists tackle the blind faith in perpetual economic growth, the all-regulating market price and the neutrality of money. They make proposals for introducing other values and principles into economic reasoning.


Friday 21 January: 14:00>18:00

Victoria Johnson – New Economics Foundation, London
If not the economics of global growth, then what? Getting an economy the right size for the planet

Christian Arnsperger – Chaire Hoover d’Ethique Economique et Social, UCL, Louvain la Neuve
The guaranteed income as a tool for transition to frugality

Silke Helfrich - author of Who Owns the World? The Rediscovery of the Commons, Jena
The Commons: A New Narrative for Our Times

Geert De Pauw - Community Land Trust, Buurthuis Bonnevie, Brussels
The Community Land Trust as a new model for social housing

Olav Velthuis - Department of Sociology and Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam
Imaginary Economics: art as an alternative source of knowledge on economy


Pieter De Buysser - author, theatre maker, Brussels
In praise of speculation

(Victoria Johnson will be replaced by Ruth Potts)
Saturday 22 January: 14:00>18:00

The MonNetA Money game
The game is designed to help people understand their own relationship - as well as our collective relationship to money. It is played in small groups of four to six participants.   

Roland Spinola – Money Network Alliance, Steyerberg
Money rules the world, but who rules money? Overcoming a conceptual prison

Francesco Bernabei – Cittadellarte’s Economic Office, Biella
The Human Values Bank

Luc Weyn – Netwerk Vlaanderen, Brussels
The Ethics of Investment

Akseli Virtanen – Helsinki School of Economics
Europa, Oikonomia, Oidipus: Economy as production of subjectivity

Alma De Walsche – MO*Magazine
Climate Change Economics – beyond the capitalist market strategies

The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It - Clare Patey [GB] Ration Me Up – Carbon Ration Book 

Fr 21 & Sa 22/01 as from 14:00 > Changing Tents | ongoingperformance 
The threat of climate change looms over all of us. What can we do right now? The Ministry of Trying to Do Something About It have issued ration books so you can play your part in transforming our world into a cleaner and more equitable place. Try it. You might find that consuming less opens a whole new world of possibilities.