Stav Yeini [BE]

The Senders (try-out)

15.03 – 17.03.2019

This first test version of The Senders creates an immersive, synesthetic experience that stimulates curiosity and wonder and allows you to experience reality in an unseen yet amplified way. The work emphasizes inclusion, empathy and a profound listening to non-human life forms. In this way it wants to bring about an evolution towards a sensory way of knowledge production and the possibility of a new world beyond the economic and ecological crisis.

• Stav Yeini (°1986) graduated from PARTS in 2010. She has collaborated with the Brussels collective Busy Rocks and with artists such as Georgia Vardarou, Lance Greece and Mikko Hyvönen. Since 2017, she has developed her own work in collaboration with STUK, Kunstencentrum Buda, ZSenne Artlab and workspacebrussels.

concept, sound design Stav Yeini | space design, interactive installation Nimrod Astarhan | sound Christina Vantzou | video Siet Rae | alchemy, scents Ayin De Sela | fermentation, cooking Andrew Hardwidge | dance, performance Mikko Hyvönen & Ezra Fieremans