Caterina Daniela Mora Jara

TaNG@ Thermique Transversal tools for cha(LLE)nging roles and warming up conversations.

TaNG@ Thermique
TaNG@ Thermique


This workshop is an invitation to move together. The rules of the global tango are not respected and roles are playfully reversed. Together we investigate the way we walk and how we can do this more consciously. Anyone who would like to move to music from a century ago, whether alone or together with someone else, is welcome. No experience with tango or dance is required.

This practice is inspired by the pioneering South American feminist movement. The workshop aims to question the hierarchical relationship in improvisation by undermining historical and archetypal gender norms in tango.

caterina daniela mora jara has roots in Argentina and Chile. She currently lives and works in Brussels and Stockholm. In her practice she goes against north-south contradictions in dance traditions. She is a resident artist at workspacebrussels and a PhD candidate at SKH Uniarts in Stockholm. She makes her academic research accessible in the form of Bastard Cheap Lecture Performances.

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