Laura van Dolron [NL]

Sartre zegt sorry

Sartre zegt sorry
Sartre zegt sorry


Laura van Dolron describes her performances as stand-up philosophy. ‘Stand-up means that it's funny, and philosophy that it’s smart.’ Filled with amazement, she examines topics that are close to her heart. Penetrating questions and unconventional answers tumble over each other. Hard thinking and hard-boiled humour go hand in hand here.

Some girls fall for the wrong men, Laura van Dolron falls for the wrong philosophers. Sartre zegt sorry is an historic meeting between Laura and Jean-Paul (1905-1980). Sartre rises from his grave not to speak to her sternly with big words like ‘freedom’ and ‘responsibility’, but to offer an apology. What follows is a refreshing brainwash and a clumsy but sincere attempt at engagement. Sartre zegt sorry was selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival and was the opening performance at the 2011 Flanders Theatre Festival.

For several decades the Netherlands were the country that ‘guided’ Europe culturally, politically and socially. This is unfortunately a thing of the past. In 2013 many initiatives in the arts sector will be for the chop. It seems to us appropriate to pay tribute now.
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tekst & concept Laura van Dolron | spel Laura van Dolron, Steve Aernouts | dramaturgie Celine Buren, Rezy Schumacher | lichtontwerp Gé Wegman | toneelbeeld Wikke van Houwelingen, Marloes van der Hoek | speladvies Joke De Baere | coproductie Laura van Dolron & het Nationale Toneel