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Pecha Kucha Evening

Pecha Kucha Evening
Pecha Kucha Evening


The 11th Pecha Kucha evening will be held at the Kaaitheater from 6 to 10 pm on 28th January. This is a ‘show and tell’ evening for designers, architects, artists and other creative souls.

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The list of speakers planned for Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol. 11 are:

> Marie Brouchot-Hus - Kanker Barak
> Katja De Vries - virtual environments, second life
> Guy Dittrich - Wallpaper* CityGuide Brussels
> Bart Dujardin - Je m'en fish VZW
> Ergün Erkoçu - Poldermoskee
> Jaromil - computer coding and art, Amsterdam,
> Eric Joris - CREW, Double U, technology, art and theatre
> Marianne Kirch - singer-performer, theatre maker, Den Haag
> Rob van Kranenburg – council / The Internet of Things
> Pierre Portevin - C-Bridge
> Hugo Puttaert - addmagazine
> Marc Rotenberg - Electronic Privacy Information Center
> Ben Schouten - gaming
> Bart Stevens - social software/ichoosr