Nature Theater of Oklahoma [New York]

No Dice

No Dice
No Dice

16.04 – 19.04.2008

False moustaches

The Nature Theater of Oklahoma – the name comes from the last chapter of Kafka’s novel America – is one of New York’s most talented theatre companies of the last few years. The directors Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper created a collage of Greek texts in Fragment and turned theatre conventions upside down in Poetics: A Ballet Brut; all clever, funny, very physical and unconventional productions based on the same task ‘to make the work we don’t know how to make, to put ourselves in impossible situations’.

For No Dice, Liska and Copper recorded no fewer than one hundred hours of telephone conversations with actors, friends and family. They then condensed them into a four-hour ‘epic of everyday life’. An epic in which there is room for false moustaches and pirate hats.

conceived and directed by Pavol Liska & Kelly Copper 
featuring Anne Gridley, Thomas Hummel, Robert M. Johanson, Zachary Oberzan, Kristin Worrall 
from conversations with Marc Dale, Anne Gridley, Teresa Gridley, Robert M. Johanson, Jo Liegerot, Zachary Oberzan, Adam Tsekman, Katarina Vizinova, Kristin Worrall 
music Lumberob, Kristin Worrall
production manager Kell Condon
design Peter Nigrini 
created in residence at Downtown Art, commissioned in SoHo Rep’s Phase II Program