Needcompany [Brussels]

Needlapb 14

Needlapb 14
Needlapb 14


Uncongealed core

Apart from ‘regular’ performances, over the past years Needcompany has also developed a theatrical laboratory setting that is open to the public: Needlapb. Lap refers to laptop and lab to laboratory: two experimental spaces.

There is a clear difference between the performances and the Needlapbs. In the performances the dramaturgical research that takes place during rehearsals congeals into a form that is as transparent as possible and ready for communication to the audience. Needlapb, on the other hand, is the uncongealed core of Needcompany, the place where the working process is fluid and dynamic and has not yet acquired a definite form.

A Needlapb is ‘an open thinking space with unlimited freedom’. 

with Grace Ellen Barkey, Anneke Bonnema, Hans Petter Dahl, Viviane De Muynck, Misha Downey, Julien Faure, Yumiko Funaya, Benoît Gob, Tijen Lawton, Maarten Seghers, Inge Van Bruystegem 
production Needcompany 
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