Abattoir Fermé [Mechelen]

Mythobarbital / Val der Titanen

Mythobarbital / Val der Titanen
Mythobarbital / Val der Titanen

07.02 – 09.02.2008

The Mechelen collective Abattoir Fermé was founded in 1999 and in a very short time has developed a theatrical idiom very much its own. Stef Lernous, Nick Kaldunski, Joost Vandecasteele and Tine Van de Wyngaert share a fascination for the outsider, the underground and everything that deviates from the norm. Their nasty but witty plays can best be described as existential horror theatre. As De Standaard wrote, ‘Abattoir Fermé means beauty that only shows itself in the midst of dirt and uncertainty. Amidst fear and mild perversion, like a flower on a dungheap.’

Their new production Mythobarbital / Val der Titanen (formerly announced as Deviant) will premiere at nOna in January 2008.

direction Stef Lernous
with Chiel van Berkel, Kirsten Pieters, Tine Van den Wyngaert
production Abattoir Fermé
in association with kc nOna, Campo, Kaaitheater