Lunch Concert

Lunch Concert
Lunch Concert


Led by Jane Gower (Anima Eterna, English Baroque Soloists,…), Island is a unique combination of historic instruments--bassoon and strings! Tonight, they will perform works by Crusell (Finland’s most prominent representative of the classical style) and Tulindberg (Finland’s first classical composer whose string quartets were discovered long after his death).

Bernhard Henrik Crusell

Erik Tulindberg
Quartet no. 2 in d

bassoon Jane Gower
violin Antoinette Lohmann
viola Galina Zinchenko
cello Jennifer Morsches
violin Annette Wehnert
clarinet Eric Hoeprich
horn Erwin Wieringa
copresentation Kaaitheater
coproduction Festival van Vlaanderen Brussel/Bruxelles