Tg Stan [Antwerp]

Lucia Melts

Lucia Melts
Lucia Melts

30.08 – 31.08.2005

'A young woman is at home, getting ready to receive her lover, or rather ex-lover, who left her a year ago, in fact she doesn't believe in the word ex-lover, one is a lover or isn't, it's not because you say it's over that it is truly over, no, she's not a great one for decisions such as he obviously is, she can never keep her feelings under control, but tonight she's determined to bear up bravely and to pretend she's well, she's feeling excited, insecure, glad, sad, she doesn't know what to wear or which music to play, it's as if with each garment and each song comes another woman, another course of events for the evening, perhaps another course of events for the rest of her life.'

texte Oscar van den Boogaard
avec Sara De Roo et Steven Van Watermeulen
scénographie B-architecten
traduction anglaise Kate Mayne
production STAN


Rosas Performance Space
164, avenue Van Volxem
1190 Bruxelles (Forest)

Transport public:
Tram 52 direction Drogenbos
arrêt Van Haelen ou Kastanjes (ca. 10 min. après Bruxelles-Midi)

en voiture:
Kleine Ring jusqu'à la Gare Bruxelles-Midi
Prendre l'avenue Fonsnylaan, qui devient l'avenue Van Volxem