Daina Ashbee [CA]

Laborious Song presented by Kaaitheater & KVS

Laborious Song
Laborious Song


In her first creation for a male dancer, the young Canadian choreographer Daina Ashbee uses repetition to attain a form of trance and transformation. She traces the forms of vulnerability that transcend gender. Performer Benjamin Kamino submits to the extremely precise, constantly developing pattern. Where is the dividing line between the restlessness and the playfulness of a naked body? Last year, Ashbee won a prestigious Bessie Award!

choreography & production Daina Ashbee | performer Benjamin Kamino | lighting & technical direction Karine Gauthier rehearsal director Lorena Ceraso | music Gianni Bardero | co-production Centre de Création O Vertigo | support Canada Council For The Arts | residencies La Briqueterie/Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique (FR), fabrik – Potsdam (DE), Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival (GL), CEPRODAC (MX), Bad Lemons (DE)