Felix Banholzer



08.06 – 11.06.2016

Get to know the latest generation of theatre-makers and technicians. In June, the theatre students at the RITCS will be presenting their graduation productions as the final part of their courses in Directing and Stage Technique.

"Lets do something good and die for it..."
– Heinrich von Kleist

Got ripped off and no one cares! What will happen if your belief in the constitutional gets torn  apart? How much injustice can one take and how far would you go for your rights? A confrontation with political absurdity, the limits of the constitutional state and the frustration of finding a  meaningful lifestyle. A open dialogue, inspired by the letters and life of Heinrich von Kleist and his novel "Michael Kohlhaas", about "being right" and "doing wrong" (... or was it the other way  around?).

directing Felix Banholzer | play Gilles Van Hecke, Dries Gijsels & N.N. | technique Lucas Van de Voorde |
mentor Ruud Gielens, Ivo Kuyl & Harry Cole