Intimate Strangers

Intimate Parcours

Intimate Parcours
Intimate Parcours

05.12 – 07.12.2008

Since the legendary Chambres d’Amis (Ghent, 1986), art, and increasingly live art, has sought out the intimate setting of the private home. In Intimate Parcours you can see performances, installations and visual work by 14 artists. You start out from the Kaaitheater, visit private lofts and flats and end up at the Beursschouwburg. The whole route takes about 2,5 hours.

Intimate Parcours, with work by:

  • Lawrence Malstaf (artist) & Vincent Malstaf (sound designer)
  • Philipp Gehmacher (choreographer and dancer) & Vladimir Miller (video and image designer)
  • Melati Suryodarmo (performance artist)
  • David Linton (audiovisual artist and sound designer) & Hahn Rowe (composer and instrumentalist) (support by Q-O2) 
  • Astrid Endruweit (dancer and actress)
  • Thomas Conway & Felix Marchand (both choreographers and performers) 
  • Myriam Van Imschoot (artist) & Christine de Smedt (choreographer and dancer)
  • Chris Kondek (video artist)
  • Rinus Van de Velde (artist)