Kristien De Proost

In The Middle of Nowhere

In The Middle of Nowhere
In The Middle of Nowhere

06.10 – 07.10.2022

Why are there always more people in the middle of trains than at the ends?
Where does the average person lives?
How do you determine the middle of the ocean?
What is the middle of eternity?

In the Middle of Nowhere is a performance in which being in the majority makes life easier. In which popular songs become more popular because they are popular.

In which more and more people watch fewer and fewer YouTube videos. In which people prefer to give power to people who look like them. In which critical thinking is financial loss-making because it requires thought and eats up more energy than it brings in. Where the middle gets lost when the edges change and everything starts moving.

Kristien De Proost and Fred Araujo focus on the paradox of the middle: people want to be part of others and at the same time distinguish themselves from them. From their different backgrounds on both sides of the Atlantic, De Proost and Araujo reflect on the theme. The more they try to map out where the middle lies, the more infinite everything around it seems to be. 

• Kristien De Proost can regularly be seen at Kaaipodia: until 2017 with the Brussels theatre collective Tristero and later in All Inclusive by Julian Hetzel (2018) and in Simon, Garfunkel, My Sister and Me (2021) which she made together with Bwanga Pilipili. Frederico Araujo is an actor and theatre maker, living and working in Brazil and Belgium.

presented by Kaaitheater

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