Anoek Nuyens / Frascati Producties [NL]




New sounds

Since the 1960s, the Auxilium foundation has been supporting small-scale medical projects in Africa. Having spent fifty years on the board, Anoek Nuyens’ great aunt is handing down the foundation to her. When Nuyens visits one of the hospitals in Kenya, she finds everything in place except the patients themselves. During her journey, she discovers tragic, personal stories but also hears new sounds. With the journalistic theatre project HULP, she focuses on North-South issues. Do we still actually believe in development aid? And what course should we follow in the year 2017? Nuyens forces you to consider the value of ‘doing good’ and humanitarianism, in an era where individuals come first.

• The work of the Dutch theatre maker and journalist Anoek Nuyens stretches from art to politics. She has previously worked with Schwalbe and Lotte van den Berg as a dramaturge.

van & door Anoek Nuyens | eindregie Marjolijn van Heemstra | tekst Anoek Nuyens m.m.v. Marjolijn van Heemstra | vormgeving Wikke van Houwelingen, Marloes van der Hoek | dramaturgie Liet Lenshoek | film, foto Michiel Cotterink | muziek Jet van Helbergen | lichtontwerp Ramses van den Hurk | scènefotografie Anna van Kooij | met de steun van The Art of Impact

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