Niko Hafkenscheid

Holy Words

Holy Words
Holy Words

11.12 – 12.12.2015

Philosopher and book critic Niko Hafkenscheid works as a musician, composer and musical dramaturge for film and performance art. In Holy Words he revisits his passion for language and history. Holy Words is a performance installation regarding the origin of written language. How did man get to the point of writing things down by using signs? How can one determine the value of this decision? Are these signs an added value to our culture or have they distracted us from the essential?

In Holy Words, the possibility of recreating the process that took place circa 3000 B.C. gets investigated. Niko Hafkenscheid explores the meaning, capriciousness, rules, and exceptions of the sign systems that mould our thoughts and feelings. During Working Title Situation #02, Niko Hafkenscheid gives a first glimpse of his research.

Concept & ontwikkeling: Niko Hafkenscheid
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