Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 3

Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 3
Graduation Tour 2016 Programme 3

21.06 – 22.06.2016

Eszter Salamon

Once every three years students can enter the renewed PARTS Training Cycle. The first group started in 2013 and 35 of them are graduating this June. This three-year training 2013-2016 is concluded with a Graduation Tour, presenting five creations directed by invited choreographers and a selection of personal works directed by the students.

The invited choreographers are Daniel Linehan, Fabrice Mazliah, Eszter Salamon, Vera Mantero and Marc Vanrunxt.

Wars & Dances (a ritual of ‘lore’) – Eszter Salamon

'Lore' is " a cultural commonplace that is available to all but belongs to no one. Against the blackmail of identity and its assembly" (Omar Berrada). Salamon reflects with 12 dancers on history and identity. Which (dance) history do we know, how and what do we learn about this history and how can we transform this into a more emancipatory experience?
The work of Eszter Salamon (HU) navigates between medias such as voice, sound, text and movement. Her practice of ‘alternative narration’ uses documentary and fiction.

choreography Eszter Salamon | performed Liza Baliasnaja, Sidney Barnes, Amanda Barrio Charmelo, Suelem Cristina Da Silva, Nikita Alexandrovich Chumakov, Anika Edström Kawaji, Bilal El Had, Cassiel Gaube, Stefan Govaart, Noé Pellencin, Laura-Maria Poletti, Kamola Rashidova Kaxxarovna