Pieter Van Bogaert [BE] Presented by Kaaitheater

Fort Beau Chapter 1: The end

Fort Beau
Fort Beau


During this lecture performance, Pieter van Bogaert will discuss the first chapter of his project Fort Beau. In the 1970s, a performance artist tells him something about the end of beauty. A contemporary photographer leads him to the beauty of the end. An actor in the 1990s shows him beauty as an end, as a goal in itself. Gradually this becomes a story about beauty without end.

• Pieter Van Bogaert writes about art and occasionally presents exhibitions. He recently published Grand Tour 2020. Meetings across Europe on art and ecology to celebrate the tenth birthday of Imagine 2020, a European project about art and ecology of which Kaaitheater is the project leader.

programmaboekje - feuille de salle - evening programme