Robert Cantarella [FR]

Faire le Gilles


Robert does Gilles

Robert Cantarella has been ‘doing a Gilles’ for several years now. Which means that he has been giving new voice to the renowned lectures the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze gave at the university of Paris VIII in Vincennes in the 1980s.

Wearing earphones, the actor presents a faithful rendering of each lecture, including the correct intonation, rhythm, hesitations and incoherence of the spoken word. Faire le Gilles passes on Deleuze’s ideas using the voice, which makes it easier to understand his way of thinking.

In the Kaaitheater, Robert Cantarella presents a re-enactment of Anti-Oedipus and Other Reflections. In this lesson, Deleuze discusses the eponymous book – part of Capitalism and Schizophrenia – that he wrote together with the psychoanalyst Félix Guattari. Somewhere between theatre and philosophy, the passion for thinking is thought out loud.

•  Robert Cantarella is a writer, actor and stage director. He was the director of the Centre National de Dijon and the co-director of the Centquatre residence centre in Paris. He also co-founded the R & C association with Constance Corbières.

Crée par Robert Cantarella, Alexandre Meyer | production R&C | avec le soutien de la ménagerie de verre | dans le cadre du studiolab et du ministère de la culture et de la communication