Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Dolores Bouckaert

Deceptive Bodies

Deceptive Bodies
Deceptive Bodies

12.03 – 14.03.2014

The language of the body

In Deceptive Bodies, actress and visual artist Dolores Bouckaert and dancer Charlotte Vanden Eynde look closely at their own and at each other’s body. They explore how the language of the body can be interpreted but also manipulated. How the body translates what lives within us, but also misleads us, as though leading an independent life.

What happens to us when we are on stage? What transformation takes place there? How deceptive is the theatrical body we show?

To feed their research into the mysterious and deceptive language of the body, Vanden Eynde and Bouckaert immersed themselves in the phenomenon of hysteria.

A physical, visual and theatrical performance, Deceptive Bodies explores the ambiguous play of representation and the surprising intentions and possibilities of the theatrical body.


concept & performance Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Dolores Bouckaert | costumes An Breugelmans | assistance costumes Eefje Wijnings | lighting Marc Dewit | realization set design Lander Thys | outside-eye Maya Wilsens | advice Marc Vanrunxt | production Margarita Production (Brussels) | co-production Kaaitheater, BUDA (Kortrijk) | in collaboration with CAMPO (Gent), Vooruit (Gent), wpZimmer (Antwerpen), STUK (Leuven) | with the support of the Flemish government