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03.02 – 05.02.2012

Ten years after Lucia Smelt, Oscar van den Boogaard has written a sequel called Decemberhonger for Sara De Roo and Steven Watermeulen. The couple from Lucia Smelt is still together, but their relationship is no longer so supple. They have to look for new ways of dealing with each other. They agree to leave each other entirely free within the relationship. Until the woman brings a young drama student (Maya Sannen) home with her. Her youthful candour seems to do the couple some good, but their relationship is put under pressure again.

Like Lucia Smelt, Decemberhonger is a striking rendering of a particular phase of life and a story of love and separation.

Sara De Roo and Steven Watermeulen took their first steps onto the stage together, but later went their separate ways. Sara found a place for herself with tg STAN, Steven at NTGent. Maya Sannen is joining them for the first time, but has known Steven and Sara from her studies, when she was taught by both of them.

Puppet-making workshop
Free workshop for children aged 4 to 12 years. For very young children (-4) there is a cosy playroom complete with babysitter. Sunday 5/02, 15:00, Kaaitheater. Read more >

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