book launch 'From Charity to Justice'

book launch 'From Charity to Justice'
book launch 'From Charity to Justice'


There are many global challenges that connect us worldwide, such as the climate crisis or a pandemic. However, their consequences affect some more than others. This injustice demands a response in the form of international solidarity. But what does international solidarity mean in these turbulent times? And how can we best organise it in the future? Together with 11.11.11 we will zoom in on these themes during the book launch of 11.11.11 director Els Hertogen's new publication From Charity to Justice.

Invited guests:

  • Els Hertogen (11.11.11 director)
  • Koen Vanmechelen (visual artist)
  • Amir Bachrouri (President of the Flemish Youth Council)
  • Valerie Del Re (Greenpeace director)
  • Nadia Nsayi (expert decolonisation)
  • Lisette Ma Neza (slam poet)
  • Meryame Kitir (Minister for Development Cooperation)

How do they view these challenges and solutions from their vision and experience? What have they learned from the book? What will they take with them to the future? As a leitmotiv, Lisette Ma Neza performs slam poetry inspired by the book.

een initiatief van 11.11.11 | ondersteund door Kaaitheater