Bernhard Lang, Dimitrios Polisoidis, Christine Gaigg, Martin Arnold, Laurent Goldring [Vienna/New York/Paris] Dimitrios Polisoidis, Christine Gaigg, Martin Arnold, Laurent Goldring

Bernhard Lang Evening

Bernhard Lang Evening
Bernhard Lang Evening


The aesthetics of repetition

Two works by the Viennese composer and computer musician Bernhard Lang (1957) were premiered this year: I hate Mozart was performed in Vienna for the Mozart Year, and the Bastille in Paris saw the performance of Das Theater der Wiederholungen, based on the writings of de Sade and William S. Burroughs and choreographed by Xavier Le Roy, who is well known to the Kaaitheater audience

Lang often works with choreographers, video artists, and DJs, and this is made apparent in the programme for the evening, which meanders around his work. It is the aesthetics of the loop, the repetition, that connects the various parts of the programme: what is the effect of repetition on our perception? At the heart of the programme is the first performance of a new dance piece by the choreographer Christine Gaigg, who works in Vienna, for which a newly developed video-loop generator is used.

• Bernhard Lang, DW6a (2002), for e-viola/e-violin and loop-generator, Dimitrios Polisoidis (e-viola/e-violin)

• Christine Gaigg & Bernhard Lang, V-TRIKE - for one dancer, metal sound plate and visual loop generator (2004-06), chorégraphie Christine Gaigg
musique Bernhard Lang
danse Veronika Zott
concept éclairage Jan Wagner
software development Audio and Video Loops – Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, IEM Graz (Winfried Ritsch, Johannes Zmölnig, Thomas Musil) / live video & audio Winfried Ritsch, Johannes Zmölnig

• Martin Arnold, Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy (1998)
• Bernhard Lang, A Room full of Shoes (2001), Bernhard Lang (computer)
• Laurent Goldring, video for Differenz / Wiederholung 2 by Bernhard Lang (2006)