David Weber-Krebs & Maximilian Haas [BE/DE]

BALTHAZAR (1. Stories)

BALTHAZAR (1. Stories)
BALTHAZAR (1. Stories)

28.03 – 29.03.2013

In BALTHAZAR (1. Stories) a donkey is at the ‘centre of the action’. It is not reduced to the role of a piece of living scenery, but is given the leading part. A group of human performers is confronted with him. Balthazar (1. Stories) is inspired by Robert Bresson’s film Au hasard Balthazar (1966). The film tells the eventful life story of a donkey.

Stories try to grasp the animal and assign a stable meaning to him. But the animal undercuts constantly this attempt to define him and pulls the narrator and the narration into a process of becoming-animal. Together with students of the program RITS (Drama) we explore the narrative definition of animals on a theater stage. Different stories are confronted with their living object, the donkey Balthazar, who might embody or belie them.

BALTHAZAR is a longterm artistic research project by David Weber-Krebs (director) and Maximilian Haas (dramaturgy/theory) that explores our cultural relationship with animals using the means of theater. The performances show an encounter of one animal and a group of human performers on a stage. A donkey – Balthazar – is the protagonist, the centre of the action.


direction David Weber-Krebs | dramaturgy Maximilian Haas | performance Julie Delrue, Greet Jacobs, Linda Lugtenborg, Annemieke Ros, Sid Van Oerle | technique (ntb) | production Kaaitheater (Cin Windey, stagiair), RITS, Ingrid Vranken | collaboration Ferme du Parc Maximilien asbl (Brussels)