Begüm Erciyas

A Speculation

A Speculation
A Speculation

23.01 – 24.01.2014

Vanishing Money

In our globalised economy, money has become intangible and immaterial, something abstract. How do you create a piece of choreography for something that is losing its physical form? A Speculation is about our physical relationship with money. Is our preoccupation with the Euro nothing more than an attempt to slow time, to cherish a shared object, before it disappears irrevocably?

• While she was studying biology and genetics in Ankara, Begüm Erciyas became involved in all sorts of dance projects in Turkey. She later studied in Austria and in 2006 became a member of Sweet and Tender Collaborations. Her work has been seen at Tanz im August (Berlin) and in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Zurich and Istanbul. A Speculation premieres in Berlin and two weeks later will be on in Brussels!

concept, choreography Begüm Erciyas | performance, choreography Ewa Bankowska, Felix Marchand, António Pedro Lopes | artistic advise Diego Agulló, Mesut Arslan, Georg Hobmeier,Irina Müller, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt | objects Stefan Demming | light design Christin Thielen | sound/composition jetzmann | production management Barbara Greiner | assistant Anne Schuh | production Begüm Erciyas and Platform 0090 | co-production Kaaitheater, HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), BUDA (Kortrijk), WP Zimmer (Antwerpen) PACT Zollverein (Essen) | residencies PACT Zollverein (Essen), STUK (Leuven) | support Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department, Nationales Performance Netz (NPN), Coproduction Fund for Dance funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (Germany)

a House on Fire project; with the support of the culture program of the European Union