The what and the why.


Last year, we experimented with a new pricing system: Pay What You Can. In line with the Kaaitheater motto ‘How to Be Many?’, we hoped to make tickets as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. And it worked! That is why we will carry on with Pay What You Can. For all performances in the new Kaaiprogramme, tickets are available at a price of your choosing.

How does Pay What You Can work? For each performance, there is a series of prices from which you can choose. The underlined price is the suggested price. Would a lower price make it more likely that you come? Then feel free to choose that price. Can you afford a higher ticket price? That way, you can make sure that others can pay less.

The traditional discount rates no longer apply. Paspartoe & Article27 fares remain valid for those who are entitled to them.

Please note: where we organise performances together with other theatres, this system only applies if you buy tickets via Kaaitheater. Different prices may apply at the box office on the night of the performance.

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PAY WHAT YOU CAN:  from experiment to policy

PAY WHAT YOU CAN:  from experiment to policy
PAY WHAT YOU CAN:  from experiment to policy


Wed 01.06.22

Last year, as part of our long-term project How to Be Many?, Kaaitheater launched a 'Pay What You Can' experiment in ticket sales.
From the 2022-2023 season, this is no longer an experiment but policy.