Tristero & transquinquennal [Brussels]

L'un d'entre nous

L'un d'entre nous
L'un d'entre nous


A witty story of society, love and our most intimate thoughts

‘What do you know about politics? What do you know about love? What do you know about us? And what do we know about it all?’

These are questions that interest Tristero, a theatre company from Brussels. This time however you will only learn the answers. L'un d'entre nous (Someone among us) is a refined, amusing text about fundamental subjects ranging from politics and society to love and relationships. A constant stream of facts, statements, witticisms, clichés, lies and personal secrets give us an insight into the players’ mental world.

The performance has already been presented as a lecture, during BRXLBRAVO and was first performed at kc nOna in Mechelen. According to De Standaard newspaper this is ‘a clever performance that hits the nail on the head’. As part of our Shuffle week, Tristero presents this play in French, in collaboration with transquinquennal.

Rerun on October 25, 26 and 27, in Dutch.

Last season Tristero appeared in the Kaaitheater Studios with Play with Repeats, a very dark comedy by Martin Crimp, and since our Komediefestival (2004) we have been reviving Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party, Tristero’s version of which acquired cult status, at least once every season.

avec Bernard Breuse, Miguel Decleire, Kristien De Proost, Youri Dirkx, Stéphane Olivier, Iris Van Cauwenbergh, Peter Vandenbempt
décor Emma Denis
texte Peter Vandenbempt
TRISTERO en collaboration avec TRANSQUINQUENNAL et KC nOna