Merlin Spie [Willebroek]

Le Silence des Danses

Le Silence des Danses
Le Silence des Danses

26.03 – 28.03.2009

All the senses

Merlin Spie is a visual artist: she does sculptures and drawings, and also installations and performances of which she herself forms a part. Her latest project, Le silence des danses, comprises three performances in three different places in the Kaaistudios.

In this recent work Spie is taking a new direction. She departs from the purely visual and enters into confrontation with other media: digital images, soundscapes, text, dance, etc. This choice has led to a different way of organising her work: it implies collaboration with artists who work in a variety of areas. What is more, Spie has until now been the main and often only performer in her work.

In the first two parts of Le silence des danses, she takes on the role of director-sculptor of other performers. In the third she herself takes part. However, this new phase in her work above all signifies the next step in her quest for abstraction and purity and a transition from still, frozen, breathing images to moving images.

In this production, Merlin Spie works with the performers Karolina Wolkowiecka and Jorien Onsia, plus the video artist Alda Snopek and soundscape artist Ludo Engels.

Le silence des danses means: embracing abstraction, letting movement take its own course, not letting go of one’s intuition.

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On the performance days, previous work by Merlin Spie will be shown on video: La Petite Musette, Casquée (2003), Masturbated Cupidity (2004), In Turbulent Perfidious Heights (2003), Swallow (2004), Le Silence des Sources (2007) and The Light of the Body is the Eye (2007).

concept Merlin Spie | with Agniezska Domochowska/Karolina Wolkowiecka, Jorien Onsia, Merlin Spie | dramaturgy Marianne Van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater) | video Alda Snopek | soundscape Ludo Engels | production Margarita Production for The Other vzw | coproduction Kaaitheater  | in partnership with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp), Theater aan het Vrijthof (Maastricht), Trefcentrum Y' vzw (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Timber nv | thanks to Tone Brulin, Ken De Cooman, Yves De Mey 'Eavesdropper', Krijn Hermans, Dolores Hulan, Takao Hyakutome, Alex Lambrichts, Frauke Mariën, Ferre Vaeck, Els Van Laethem, Marijke Verkaart | support Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie & the Flemish Community