Dood Paard [Amsterdam]



08.12 – 09.12.2006

New work by the Dutch theatre collective, based on a play by Oscar van Woensel

Unique European building project! Mega-fantastic superfun! Hundreds of people are at work on the ‘Shopping Culture Leisure Dome’. People who make dreams come true and can’t stand the sight of each other... In ECO the playwright Oscar van Woensel and Dood Paard once again put their finger on the contemporary pulse.

Because the company enjoys picking up on current events and allow themselves the freedom to introduce changes until the very last minute, we shall have to wait and see what form this investigation will take. However, we may be sure that this will be yet another exciting production full of controversial humour.

de et par Kuno Bakker, Gillis Biesheuvel, Manja Topper, Oscar van Woensel, René Rood, Coen Jongsma
texte Oscar van Woensel
publicité et éducation Paulien Geerlings
direction générale Marten Oosthoek
production Dood Paard