Day 3: body technologies

Day 3: body technologies
Day 3: body technologies


On the third and final day of the Pharmakon performative conference:
Shamanic, tantric, cannibalistic and other body technologies break open the fields of what can be thought and experienced, and how knowledge can travel from the one to the other. A world appears in the connections and disconnections between bodies and their environments, through the practised virtualization of what it is the body can do. On the other hand the self-understanding of the body is morphed through the transindividuation of digitalized memories and re-image-inations that transform our potential engagements and understandings.


  • 10:00>11:30: How to re-articulate our abilities to change?, Nevenka Koprivsek (workshop)
  • 11:30>13:00: Tantra Magics, the redistribution of desire, Elke Van Campenhout (workshop)
  • 12:00>16:00: 1 place and 14400 seconds, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia  (workshop)



  • Loving Memory: Digital Orphism, Mischa Twitchin (seminar discussion)
  • Technoshamanism on the Rubbishland, Fabiane Borges (workshop lecture)
  • Antithesis, Michiel Vandevelde (performance-in-progress)


ONGOING 28>30/11
In the course of the event the rooms will be occupied by ongoing installations, discourse practices, (semi-) public interviews and performance works.

  • Don’t eat the microphone, Veridiana Zurita (shared practice)
  • Ghost notes, Alexandre Le Petit (installation)
  • Investigation on desire, Flora Pilet (installation)
  • Animal whisper, Lilia Mestre (object)
  • Loving Memory: the book of life, Mischa Twitchin (film)
  • Pharmakon: the performative library, Elke Van Campenhout, Lilia Mestre (semi-public live interviews with participants)
  • Libraries (The Political Party Library; Pharmakon research library, Lygia Clark interview archive)


  • Meals at 13:00 & 18:00

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Michiel Vandevelde

Michiel Vandevelde
Michiel Vandevelde


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2017-2021