Eva Meyer-Keller & Sybille Müller [DE]

Cooking Catastrophes

Cooking Catastrophes
Cooking Catastrophes

08.06 – 09.06.2012

The Swedish-German performance artist Eva Meyer-Keller is obsessed with food. In Death is certain (in the Kaaistudio’s in 2007) she condemned a number of vegetables to death. Now she’s cooking up a series of disasters.
Eva Meyer-Keller is obsessed with disasters. In the video Handmade (Burning Ice 2009) she staged a number of scaled-down disasters. Now she will be bringing them to you live, using soup, juice, sauce and other ingredients.
How hungry does an earthquake make you? How delicious is 9/11? How sour is the aftertaste of a tsunami? Along with Sybille Müller, Eva Meyer-Keller looks for a way to relate to the discrepancy between the pleasure of eating and the fear of disaster. Professional cooks help them put together a ten-course menu featuring mudslides, erupting volcanoes, forest fires, nuclear bomb explosions, etc… A performance, a cookery programme and a reflection on the future.

• Eva Meyer-Keller studied dance in Amsterdam and photography in Berlin and London. She has collaborated with artists including Jérôme Bel and les ballets C de la B. Sybille Müller studied dance in Rotterdam and this year graduated from Berlin University. She has collaborated with deufert&plischke and others.

a performance by Eva Meyer-Keller & Sybille Müller | cooks Kane Do, Kristoffer Nilsson And Peter Whaley | camera Marika Heidebäck | production Mossutställningar | co-production Pact Zollverein (Essen), Goethe-Institut Schweden | funded by Fonden Innovativ Kultur, Kulturrådet, Stiftelsen framtidens kultur | support Dansens Hus