Headquarters of The Mouvement

By any beats necessary: Palestine

By any beats necessary: Palestine
By any beats necessary: Palestine


Following a programme on police violence with spoken word and dance, Headquarters of the Mouvement – who use the Kaaistudios as their base of operations – returns with an edition of By any beats necessary. The new wave of Israeli violence against the inhabitants of the Palestinian territories deserves a response. By bombing Palestinian civilians, Israel again (and with the support of the US) tries to crush resistance. But the Palestinians continue to fight for their liberation. This edition of By any Beats necessary is about that resistance by artists and activists. Because here in Belgium too, decolonisation means nothing without the liberation of Palestine.

• Kaaitheater joins the international movement for the liberation of Palestine and Palestinians by giving the floor to various organisations – including Headquarters of The Mouvement and Mophradat.

You will see works by these artists:

  • Karam Alkurdi: poetry
  • Mohamed Kasapoglu: vocals
  • Abdellah Awad: photography
  • Sawt: electronic music
  • Othman Shat: poetry
  • Alaa Shublaq: voice
  • Nina Moortgat: poetry
  • Seif Abd: vocals
  • Hamada Olba: paintings