Thiago Antunes

An enthusiastic group of artists will conduct experiments in our theatre halls and rehearsal spaces or elsewhere. They will ruminate on different ways of living and working: how can you develop an arts practice in times with no live audiences? Output is permitted, but not required!

Thiago Antunes's Job is a performative game that can be played through an online platform. It will take place in a room at Kaaitheater, where an avatar/performer will follow the voice commands of a group of remotely connected players.

As in an escape game, the players will have to solve puzzles, find hidden items, and come to agreements with the whole team. The difference here is that they need a living avatar to do what they want. Maybe he doesn't share the same language, the same taste, or the same desires as the players. As Herman Melville's Bartleby, the avatar might sometimes say: I'd prefer not to. Thiago Antune’s interest lies in investigating how an audience and a performer negotiate and communicate with each other, questioning the power relations at play in the performance. A collective performance on work, efficiency and producing in the arts.