Day 2: (re)thinking economies

Day 2: (re)thinking economies
Day 2: (re)thinking economies


On the second day of the Pharmakon performative conference we look into practices, developed in Brussels and elsewhere, that propose another economy of values and desire. We confront the current movements of speculation on imagination and utopia, and the subsequent proposals for the reorganisation of work and solidarities.


  • 10:00>11:30: How to re-articulate our abilities to change?, Nevenka Koprivsek (workshop)
  • 11:30>13:00: Tantra Magics, the redistribution of desire, Elke Van Campenhout (workshop)
  • 12:00>12:00: Spinoza Lector: On What Reading the Ethics Out Loud Brings to and Takes from the Text, §16 The Swerve of Freedom After Spinoza. A 24-hour reading of Spinoza’s Ethics, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (reading)
  • 12:00>16:00: 1 place and 14400 seconds, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (workshop)



  • Economic foundation (workshop)
  • Shop-Shop, Morpho, The Political Party (panel discussion)
  • Cardboard Attention, Michiel Reynaert (performance)



  • 19:00: 10 journeys to a place where nothing happens, Maike Lond (performance; € 5)
  • 20:30: Speculations on the lyrical imagination of the resistant, the lazy and the hopeful, Brandon Labelle (lecture/performance)
  • 22:00: The Myth of the Great Transition, Pieter De Buysser (performance; € 5)



  • 22:00 ONWARDS: The Cabinet (mouse trap), Alexandre Le Petit (one-on-one performance)
  • 00:00>02:00: Tantra Magics (shared practice) AFTER MIDNIGHT: FILM PROGRAMME


ONGOING 28>30/11
In the course of the event the rooms will be occupied by ongoing installations, discourse practices, (semi-) public interviews and performance works.

  • Don’t eat the microphone, Veridiana Zurita (shared practice)
  • Ghost notes, Alexandre Le Petit (installation)
  • Investigation on desire, Flora Pilet (installation)
  • Animal whisper, Lilia Mestre (object)
  • Loving Memory: the book of life, Mischa Twitchin (film)
  • Pharmakon: the performative library, Elke Van Campenhout, Lilia Mestre (semi-public live interviews with participants)
  • Libraries (The Political Party Library; Pharmakon research library, Lygia Clark interview archive)


  • Meals at 13:00 & 18:00