Miki Yui / Rie Nakajima / Ryoko Akama [JP]

koto mono - things and matters

koto mono - things and matters
koto mono - things and matters


L’atelier de musique Q-O2 présente trois artistes japonais qui travaillent tous autour et avec des objets cinétiques et la perception spatiale. Trois performances dans lesquelles les détails jouent le rôle principal.

Miki Yui, Mamagoto

Mamagoto is a popular game among children, in which they repeat what they have seen or heard. It is originally intended to imitate adult culinary practices, but in this case it is employed in a broader sense, to imitate gestures.

Miki Yui´s work deals with the memory of lived events. Starting from a perception of the faintest sounds and noises, Miki Yui develops pieces of music, drawings and sound installations that are subtle references to existing things.


Rie Nakajima, A hollow or a bump

Is the work in front of us a hollow or a bump? The more I produce, the less I know. Here using sound and object, I talk about sculpture, which has no form. It only exists in time. I don’t impose myself and my work answers the question.

Rie Nakajima’s works are most often composed in direct response to unique architectural spaces using a combination of audio materials and found objects. In 2014 she won the Arts Foundation Award in the category of Experimental Music.


Ryoko Akama, Almost empty - fields and waves

Sine waves and object vibrations respond to text. The examination of smallness is to manipulate space or field, in this case in the context of a performance situation.

Ryoko Akama is a PhD student at the University of Huddersfield, where she co-organises HudHack (DIY electronics workshop) and re.sound (concert series). She approaches the aesthetics of silence, time/space in her compositions which often use written texts.