Feast your eyes !

Alix Eynaudi



Wed 09.03 - Thu 10.03.22

Imagine a tower of countless lamps and light sources. It comes to life buzzing, creaking and crackling to the rhythm of switching sounds. Named after the light designer Bruno Pocheron, BRUNO brings together series of dances oscillating between figuration and abstraction with three dancers trying on their movements as if they were clothes: every touch, every gesture, however fugitive, forever printed. 

Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company


theatre installation

ACT. Johan Leysen plays Beckett
ACT. Johan Leysen plays Beckett
Thu 13.02 - Sat 15.02.20

This curated Beckett evening presents a surprising mix of forms: a monologue by Johan Leysen; a video lecture by philosopher and mathematician Jean Paul Van Bendegem; and a performative scenography as a possible landscape for a Beckett text. Through this combination, Kris Verdonck explores a fascination that he shares with Beckett, namely technology and the increasing conflict between humans and machines.