Non-Discrimination Policy

The employees of Kaaitheater treat each other with respect and do not discriminate based on gender, any so-called race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, social origin, religion or philosophy of life, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, childbirth, maternity, wealth, marital status, political belief, trade union belief, current or future health condition, disability, a physical or genetic characteristic, birth, language or age.


In the performance of their duties, employees shall be alert to unwanted and prohibited distinctions between persons and to the possible discriminatory effects of certain statements, actions, behaviours or measures. 


Should such distinctions and/or discriminatory effects nevertheless occur, colleagues shall address the person(s) involved and inform the supervisor or the designated confidential advisor.

 At all times and through all layers of the organisation, employees must feel supported in not participating in discrimination and in standing up against it. 


Preventing discrimination starts with the conduct of managers being a good example. Managers make the subject accessible and discussable. They create an environment in which employees always feel free and safe to report any abuse. 


Employees of Kaaitheater also act according to the provisions of this clause towards external organisations, visitors, partners. Kaaitheater also commits to informing visitors, suppliers, customers and others that it will not take into account any questions or wishes of a discriminatory nature.


Kaaitheater makes the necessary efforts to provide equal opportunities for everyone in recruitment, training and advancement.


Kaaitheater commits itself to making adjustments, as far as reasonable, at the request of people with disabilities, in order to neutralise the limiting influence of an unadapted environment on the participation of a person with a disability.