Mission & vision


Kaaitheater is a stage for dance, theatre, performance, music and debate in Brussels. Founded in 1977 as a pioneer of innovative performing arts, this house has grown into a platform for both work by artists of the Flemish Wave and new generations of performing artists. From Brussels to international, from small to large venues, and just as well in the squares and the streets, where urban and global themes are tangible.


Under the motto How to Be Many?, the Kaaitheater team makes room for a broad spectrum of stories, perspectives, artists and audiences, so we can learn to better reflect the city's many voices. That we do in cooperation with many partners.


From July 2022 to December 2024, Kaaitheater’s building on the Sainctelettesquare will be under renovation. We will move into our new building in 2025 and that will give us an additional auditorium as well as a city balcony and spaces for artists and audiences, all of which will give the new urban arts centre on the canal its identity. In the meantime, from 2022 to 2024, we will continue to perform in Kaaistudio's, and we will be on the move through the city and briefly make use of at 14 many theatres and partners in and around Brussels, with whom we will present a multifaceted programme.

(In) practice

Looking towards the future, Kaaitheater will continue to develop new lines of participation and mediation so that we can introduce new generations of audiences to contemporary performing arts. We invite organisations and groups that still are underrepresented on the Brussels stages to create their own artistic programmes. This allows us to open the way for co-ownership of artists and audiences.

Kaaitheater moves with the times, stimulates social and artistic debates and embraces the pluriform performing arts of today and tomorrow.


Read a history of Kaaitheater 1977 - 2017 here.