YouYou Group

The Brussels vocal performance ensemble YouYou Group is taking up residence in the 'penthouse' of  Kaaistudio's. They will work on new projects there until the end of March 2023. This place will function as an accessible base from which to prepare and follow up projects. YouYouGroup is also working on a publication about their work. Small public moments can be organised, which will be communicated through their website and social media.

• The YouYou Group was founded in Brussels in 2014, with the support of performance, film, installation and sound artist Myriam Van Imschoot. The intention was sharing, further deepening and shaping the interest in the vocal use of the youyou (in French) or the zaghareed (in Arabic). Since then, the group has focused on this shrill, loud sound that expresses joy (and sometimes mourning) and lives on through the Diaspora.