You can visit the INSIDE OUT festival using a PAY WHAT YOU CAN system.

At Citylab, we are very happy to be able to show the work of artists live again. Over the past year, making art bringing it to an audience has been anything but easy. In these challenging times, we have chosen to use a pay-what-you-know system.   

That means you can choose what you pay for a ticket, with a minimum price of € 4 and a target price of € 13 per performance or programme component. When deciding how much you want to pay, you can ask yourself what your position in society is, what your financial circumstances are or how much privilege you enjoy. As everyone’s socio-economic situation is different, the same amount of money does not represent the same expenditure for different people.

The part of the ticket proceeds that Citylab receives is directly reinvested in the future development of the artists that Citylab supports. If your financial situation allows it, you could see your expenditure as a donation for the continuation of the work of new Brussels talent. 

Are there no tickets left, but would you still like to make a donation? You can then make a donation to the account number BE17438923256121 to vzw DePianofabriek with the message 'donation Citylab'. 


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INSIDE OUT – a festival by Citylab

INSIDE OUT – a festival by Citylab
INSIDE OUT – a festival by Citylab

Fri 09.07.21 - Sun 11.07.21

As a creative incubator for art and artivism, Citylab supports Brussels-based talents in developing and imagining their perspective on urban futures. In this creative process, self-formed artists define, themselves, what art is and develop an artistic voice to tell their own (vision on) herstories, hxstories or histories. INSIDE OUT presents the performing and audiovisual work of these creators, on screen and scene. You're invited to take part in this space where art creates encounter, engagement and community.