VIDEO: Lisa Nelson: Conversations in Vermont

Conversations in Vermont: Lisa Nelson is a digital artist publication and online research resource that highlights the work and life of dance and video artist Lisa Nelson. It revolves around many hours of audio-recorded interviews with Lisa Nelson, conducted by Myriam Van Imschoot between 2001 and now. Their conversations zoom in on crucial aspects of Lisa Nelson’s art making and teaching. Key notions such as ‘stillness’, ‘attention’, and  ‘image’, give a specific insight into Lisa Nelson’s practice, but also into dance making at large.

The interviews are accompanied by an extensive anthology of texts written by and about Lisa Nelson, from early writings in Contact Quarterly to recent essays. Altogether this publication, made in collaboration with the artist, gives a rare overview of  of her prolific work and honours her finetuned ideas as they have been shaping the uncomprising potential of the senses for action and composition in and outside of the realm of dance. Its legacy is felt in the practices of many artists.

In 2019 Sarma and Oral Site will release the second chapter of Conversations in Vermont, which will focus on the work and life of dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton.

Visit the publication here.

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Conversations in Vermont


Conversations in Vermont
Conversations in Vermont
Fri 30.03.18

Sarma is launching a digital publication about the life and work of dancer/video artist Lisa Nelson. In the company of Nelson herself, we are offering you a glimpse of the result, which also features a series of interviews. There will first be a workshop and then a presentation.