The Take Away Project

On 5 May, artist Kevin Trappeniers removed a piece from Kaaitheater theatre’s floor. This piece will find a new home at 78 Gallaitstraat, in the temporary offices of the Kaaitheater team.

The Take Away Project is a travelling intervention by Trappeniers. Every time, he removes a piece from the floor or wall of a place that plays an important role in a local community. The piece travels to a new important location of another local community, where another piece has been cut out and then fills the resulting void.

• In his work, Kevin Trappeniers is always looking for a new sensory whole, balancing on the border between visual art, theatre and dance. He has previously been on the Kaaitheater programme with AntennA (2018), during the CITY:LAND city festival.



concept Kevin Trappeniers | production Stray Light vzw | thanks to C-TAKT, Elisa Demarré