Newcomer, asylum seeker, student, expat… Every ‘arriver’ has their own background and experiences, and once had a different home. But they are all connected by one thing: the search for ways to become rooted in Brussels and to forge relationships with the city and with one another. How do you find your way in a new city with other customs and conventions? And especially, how do you do it without losing your own history?

Old and new rituals

On Wednesday 18/04, RE:RITE of Passage is kicking off to give this search a ritual form. Paulo Guerreiro and Fleur Khani invite you to contribute your ideas about life in a shared city, through the power of old and new rituals. The process and the result will completely depend on the group and the ideas that they generate together. From physical exercises to engaging in dialogue with other newcomers to an afternoon spent exploring the city: arriving in Brussels can be explored in a variety of ways. The results of this search will be presented on Wednesday 20/06 – another way to offer a warm welcome.

I’m in!

The sessions will take place every Wednesday between 18/04 and 20/06,
from 1 pm to 4 pm at Kaaitheater (Sainctelettesquare 20, 1000 BXL).

Everyone is welcome and free to invest however much of their time in the project that they want to, so don’t be put off by the many sessions – you don’t have to join all of them. During the first session (18/04), more information will be provided about the method and practical arrangements. This is the ideal time to meet the coaches and the other participants. If you are still not entirely convinced, why not just come along to discover the project and meet the people involved, no strings attached.

Would you like to know more?
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> also via WhatsApp